Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Medley of Pinks

  The day before St. Valentine's day I was at the craft store, looking for some scrapbook paper to make valentines with. After I found the scrapbook paper, I went to look at the jewelry section, of course. So I looked around for a while, (and even got asked by a lady if I thought some beads would fit into a box, lol) and when I looked at the wire, I noticed some pretty pink copper wire on sale. I bought it. I walked out of the craft store that day with only pink items. If you know me, that is really ironi, cause I hate pink. Anyway, we go to a bowling party with our Homeschool group every year for Valentine's day. This year, I decided to make my friend's a pair of earrings with my new wire, instead of giving them candy. Sadly, I did not take any pictures because I made the earrings late at night, the night before Valentine's day. But, AFTER Valentine's Day (of course) I made a bunch of pink jewelry.

I'm kinda proud of this one. :)


Have a loverly day!



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