Wednesday, November 30, 2011

DIY Dangling Pearl Earrings {Tutorial}

Note: I apologize for the quality of the photos used in this post. My computer which has my editing software on it is still broken and the light was REALLY bad where these photos were taken. Thank you for understanding. :)

Would you like to make this lovely pair of earrings? If your answer is yes, read on.


You need:
*Two fishhook earwires               
*Chain, at least two inches        
 *Four pearls, two large two small
*Four headpins
*Two small beads (optional)

Step One:

 Cut chain into two pieces, about 1 inch long. 

Step Two:


Thread 1 large pearl onto a headpin.
 Step Three:

 Make a loop with the headpin and cut of excess wire. Thread unto the bottom of the chain. Repeat with small pearl.

Step Four:

 Take the ball and coil off the earwire, then using jewelry pliers slightly open the loop on the earwire.

Step Five:
 Slide chain on to earwire, close the loop, then slide the ball and coil back on the earwire. You can optionally slide a small bead on to the earwire instead of the metal ball.

Repeat for other earring. 
The end!

I would love to hear if you tried this tutorial! Leave a comment if you like. 

~Mary Grace 



  1. the earrings are pretty :)

  2. I absolutely love this tutorial! I cannot wait to start making these -- they look so simple♥

    I'm a new follower, btw. I tried to follow the link to your other blog, but it told me permission was denied? Oh, well, i love your jewelry!
    Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  3. Those are gorgeous! I love pearls, they're so simple and pretty, Excellent job Marygrace and thanks so much for the tutorial


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