Thursday, February 2, 2012

Fanciful Earrings

Some lovelies I made...
First we have, the pearl drop earrings.  Those were soooo easy to make. I just strung the beads on some headpins and put them on the earwire.

Next, are the wire swirl earrings. I made a swirl using silver plated wire and then added a glass pearl and a shimmery glass bead.

Last of course, are the dangling crystals earrings. I made these the same way I made these. (Clicky for the tutorial!)

I was wondering...I'm considering making an etsy or artfire store. Which do you prefer? Etsy is really popular but it takes all these percentages and is complicated (at least to me). Artfire has a fixed rate which I like,  but the price seems a little steep.

Mary Grace


  1. Etsy does take a percentage-- and the listing per item gets pricey. With the amount of items that I have listed, I'd be spending at least $20 just to have them on the site, and even more when items sell. But if you have under 50 items or less it's a better price than AF.

    Artfire used to have a free shop (I'm so sad that they closed those down, that's what I did to get started). I'm not sure what their price is currently but I'm locked in at $9.95/mo. There's only been one month when I haven't sold enough to at least pay that off.

    If you want to do just a few items, Etsy is probably the best way to test the water. Personally I don't like some of the ways they do business, they've had a couple big privacy leaks and a few other things-- just be sure your settings are as secure as you can make them. :) I get a lot more views per item on my little Etsy shop but sell waaaaaaaay more on AF.


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