Saturday, October 15, 2011

Why Hello There


Remember me? That one girl who's blog you used to read because she actually posted. If you remember me, you deserve a round of applause! *aplauds* ;)

Anyway, I took a imprompt break from blogging. I can tell you the reason in one word: School.
I'm sure many of you are suffering from too-much-school-syndrome. But hey, I'm back now! Miss me? ;)

Well, I've decided to change a few things up on the blog. Instead of just posting on crafty subjects I think I'll be posting on a wider variety of subjects from now on. Maybe that way you'll see a bit more of me. :) I'll STILL post a lot of crafty things but I'll also be posting on some of my interests, such as writing, books, photography, inspiration...etc. So be surprised! I have a giant variety of interests from Irish Dancing to Marine biology.

Anyhow, I promise to post more, hopefully a couple times a week. And you will be seeing a lot of crafty posts in the near-future. :D Oh, and the main person who made me decide to start posting more is one of my awesome friends over at the Fairy Tale Novel Forum, (you'll probably see book reviews of this series in the not-so-distant future!) her name starts with an A and ends with an E. You know who you are, dearie!

And just because I don't like having a post without a picture...
Crystal droplet earrings!


  1. lol! ;D Glad to see you posting on your blog again!

  2. Sounds good-- I'm sure whatever you blog about will be splendidly loverly!


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