Monday, May 30, 2011

How I made my blog banner: In Five Steps (On picnik)

At this moment I'm probably in the car on my way to Arkansas. I've scheduled this post. :)

Aye, I'll bet ye noticed I changed me blog banner. Again. And this be how I did it! (Okay, I'll stop talking like a pirate now, matey! :)

How I made my blog banner: In five easy steps (On

Step One: 

Crop and resize photo.

Step Two:

Cross Process. Fade 55%.

Step Three: 

Focal soften: blur-17, focal size-77%, edge hardness- 50%, fade- 20%

Step Four:

Add text. The main fonts I used were 'Olho de Boe' and 'Rascunho Errado'.

Step Five:

Download photo and upload it to blog.


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