Monday, April 9, 2012

Three Crosses

Happy Easter! I hope everyone's Easter was amazing! Mine was great. Part of me can't believe it's Easter already but it also feels like Lent lasted forever. Anyhow, I digress.

Ever since I was little I loved drawing. When I was around 6, I started drawing a picture for my dad everyday which I would give to him when he came home for work. I use to drew all the time. But alas, through the years when one gets busy certain things are dropped. Sadly, I just didn't draw as much as I got older. I wouldn't draw for fun or anything. However, I got interested in starting to sketch again, late last year. So finally, last month when I was at the craft store I found my way to the art section but a sketchbook and some drawing pencils. And there we have it. I've been drawing none stop since.

On Good Friday, after getting back from Church, I got out my sketchbook and colored pencils and I drew the three crosses.

"Three crosses stand on top of Calvary, the tragic hill, and remind us of a detail of the great drama related by St. John: "There they crucified him and with him two others, one on each side and Jesus in the Middle.~John: 18/19

I'm fairly happy with my drawing. I only spent about an hour on it, so it's not perfect. I am not happy with my grass, I started out nicely but I kinda lost patience and got lazy. You HAVE to have much patience to draw grass, let me tell you. I also tried lettering! And a Celtic knotwork-ish border. My words seem to close together on the bible quote...:P Oh well. Like I said, fairly happy. :)

Well that's all for today, folks! Happy Easter Monday and have a chocolate egg on me.

 God bless!
~Mary Grace

P.S. Got some awesome posts coming up for you! I tried drawing on eggs with sharpies and I am now addicted! You'll see a post on that soon. I also decorated my bulletin board. And made some new jewelry! Lots of stuff coming out. Watch for it. :)


    You did a great job with them. And with the lettering.

    Can't wait to see the Sharpies. :)

    Happy Easter!

  2. Lovely crosses! This is Rosamund from A Wanderer in the Shadowed Land, and I am just informing you that you have Officially Been Tagged. Part of the rules of the tag is that one must notify the unfortunate souls tagged. So I am notifying you. You can see the tag here:


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