Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dangling Crystal and Heart Earrings

I actually made these quite a while ago. :) To make, I used four purple crystal beads and one glass pearl heart. I simply slid them onto the headpin and bent the top into a hook and put it on the earwire. Easy.


Guess what?!?! On Tuesday, myself, my sister, and several other LOTR obsessed friends went to see The Fellowship of the Ring Extended Edition in the theater! It was showing one night only. We're going to see The Two Towers next week and the week after that, Return of the King. All us (except my sister) dressed up (We were all Arwen!) and sat in the front row! It was so amazing to see LOTR in the theater. EPIC. It
did remind me why they were rated PG-13, though. :) For TTT and RotK I'm dressing up as Eowyn. I'll post details of my costumes later.

P.S. Don't forget to enter my photo contest!

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