Tuesday, May 17, 2011

From This to That: Chainmaille Earrings

Readers, meet my first pair of chainmaille earrings (above)!

Now, meet a more recent pair of chainmaille earrings!

I love these earrings. Even me, the hot pink hater, loves these earrings! Well, sadly (and happily!) I sold these to a friend for three dollars.

I think I've improved quite a bit since December. And I just have to say this:

I. Love. Chainmaille.
All you really need for chainmaille are jump rings and pliers. Well, if you're making earrings you need the hooks, and if you're making a bracelet/necklace you need the clasps. But hey, you get the point. Chainmaille is especially fun when you can randomly insert jump rings. (Like I did with the above earrings)

Okay, now I need to order more jump rings... :)

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