Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Banners and jewelry and prizes--Oh my!

Hello followers! It's me. Yeah, your author who says, "I'll post about the prize tomorrow!" And fails. But I'm here now! Oh and Johanna, do you have pierced ears? I need to know for your prize. :D

Do you like the new theme? I love the banner. I made it. Do you think the background looks okay with it?

Oh and don't worry... I shall tell you what I made all that jewelry for soon. :) Perhaps, if I am fast tomorrow! But for now here is a sneak peek:

P.S. check out Johanna's blog! She has a photo challenge going on!


  1. Oooooo!!!!!! LOVE the new Layout!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sadly, nope, I don't have pierced ears :)

  2. The banner and design are fantastic- I love the color scheme!

    That necklace is sooo awesome looking... I can't wait to see more photos!



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