Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Two pairs of earrings!

 I think I'll call the first pair "Sunny Droplets":) The thing I like about this pair is their simplicity. To make them is simple. Just slip the metal ball off the earring hook and replace it with a bead, then attach two or three jump rings to the earring hook. Did that make sense?

 I like this next pair also. I'm call these ones "Firery Droplets" Oh and guess where I got that green earring next to my "Firery Droplets"? I bought them from Shaylynn's artfire store

These earrings are simply a orange bead replacing the metal ball that comes on the earring hook, then a gold jump ring, then a small jump ring--both jump rings are attached to the earring hook. In that photo on the right earring the small jump ring is caught upwards. ^_^

I should have a post on a freshwater pearl bracelet soon! :)

Elven Maiden


  1. Those are all really pretty! I think that my favorite pair is the orange one... I love orange!


  2. Thank you Julia! Those are my favorites too. :)


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