Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Oh chainmaille!

 Chainmaille, oh chainmaille, You have taken over my life, creeping out of corners, falling onto the floor, getting stuck in my finger (true story!)...

 Actually it's not that bad. But a jump ring did get stuck in my finger. (WARNING: if you dislike hearing stories of metal in fingers, don't read this story ;) ) I was holding a jump ring in my right hand and then I tipped the chair I was sitting and and my right hand roughly hit my left hand inserted the jump ring halfway into my finger. Ouch.
^That's a bracelet. Yeah, you probably could have guessed that, but I'm telling you anyway ^_^ I came up with the design when I was babysitting my brother. I was watching Star Wars with him.

Oh and I promise I'll figure out the Giveaway soon! ^_^

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  1. OUCH!! I haven't gotten anything metal stuck in my skin (not even earrings, I'm too afraid to get my ears pierced!), but I know people who have stepped on nails, staples, etc. Eeek, not fun.

    That is beautiful chainmail jewelry! I especially like the bracelet in the last picture. :D


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