Monday, December 20, 2010

Purple Drop Chainmaille Earrings and Pink Chainmaille Earrings

The first pair is made with two silver jump rings at the top, one silver jump ring in the middle and a purple jump ring at the end.

The Pink Chainmaille Earrings have a bead replacing the metal ball that comes on the earring hook, and three jump rings attached two the earring hook, then a pink jump ring.

These were very simple to make! Oh and can you believe these were taken with a CanonPowerShot A470?


  1. Very, very, verry pretty!

    You might want to close some of the rings a little tighter-- don't worry, I tend to leave mine loose alot. But fixing it improves the look 110%, which in this case will make it look beyond amazing. :)

    Question-- when you open the jump rings, do you pull the ring apart, or sidways? (You're supposed to do it sideways, or else it mishapes the ring)

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  3. Hey! You might want to join my Christmas link-up, and let all your blogger friends know, too!


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