Friday, November 19, 2010

A few Elvish clippies

After seeing some photos of these at Shaylynn's and some more on Artfire I decided I wanted to try it. Granted, I didn't have the right kind of beads I wanted (Must. Go. To. Craft. Store.) and was almost out of wire (I am out now...) But my favorite one I made got lost at my brother's soccer game. I had decided to wear it it my hair and it started slipping out so I put it on one of the bleachers and left it there. I need to go to the craft store!!!


  1. Hi! It's awesome to see your jewelries... and I am so honored and humbled that someone is using my blog for inspiration!

    May I offer a couple suggestions about the links in your post? I wanted to see what other hair clippies you saw at Artfire, but your link only took me to the artfire front page. You might want to make it go directly to the artfire page you were talking about. :)

  2. That's beautiful, Mollie!

    Also, I love the quote on your banner. :)


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